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Security and Safety Monitoring

  • Intrusion Security Sensors: Doors, Hatches, Motion, Glass breakage.
  • Safety Security Sensors: Carbon monoxide, Smoke.
  • Keyed and/or keyless security system arming and disarming.
  • Over the Internet security system arming and disarming.
  • Helm enunciator panel for on board audio/visual alerts.
  • Security sensor tamper monitoring.

Environmental Monitoring (on secure website)

Environmental Recording (on secure website)

  • Water depth and temperature
  • Wind speed, direction and gust
  • Heading
  • House battery status

Yacht Position and Movement Reporting (on secure website)

  • GPS Fence monitoring provides detection of unauthorized yacht movement.
  • Position reports along with a personal message can be e-mailed to select users at defined interval. This replaces the need for a float plan. (cellular broadband and/or satellite communication equipment required)
  • Current vessel location is displayed via Google® Maps.
  • Yacht routes travelled are displayed via Google® Maps.
  • Waypoints are color coded to reflect the type of connectivity in use at that time.

Constant Yacht Supervision (on secure website)

  • Yacht checks in over 2500 times per month.
  • Over 100,000 sensor reading per month, depending on installed security sensors and data transfer intervals.
  • Immediate notification when a sensor breach is detected.


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