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Operational Setup

  • The on board security cameras can be deactivated to ensure on board privacy.
  • Guest camera control can be turned off to prevent security camera usage without knowledge of the owner’s password.
  • The security system can be armed or disarmed over the Internet using any Internet enabled PC world wide or Internet enabled cell phone.

Alarm Notification Distribution Management

  • The yacht owner defines who receives security alerts based on task responsibility.
  • The process has a single owner to ensure complete accountability.
  • The lists can be modified and/or verified as often as necessary.
  • There is no limit to the number of email contacts on the lists.

Monthly Monitoring Activity Report

  • Reports activity for each of the following groups: flooding, intrusion, connectivity and yacht monitoring.
  • Reports last month weather summary. Information is dependent on the equipment installed on the yacht.
  • Tracks software version available and what is currently installed.
  • Alerts owner to any new features and/or services available from EyeOnBoard.
  • View a sample activity report.

Vessel Layout

  • Overlays on board security sensors and other monitored equipment over a vessel layout image.
  • Displays all connected NMEA devices. This typically includes: Wind speed, yacht location, depth sounder, air temperature, and house battery status.
  • Clicking on any sensor will display a new window with additional sensor information.
  • Each deck shows only the sensor installed on the respective deck.
  • Available on the EyeOnBoard web site and on board while docked or underway.

Remote Computer Command & Control

  • Securely connect to the on board computer from any Internet enabled PC world wide.
  • Transfer planned navigation routes from your home/office PC/laptop to and from the yacht.
  • Operate on-board PCs as though you are standing at the yacht helm.
  • Adjust EyeOnBoard on board system parameters.
  • Update and install new software.
  • Diagnose on board problems.
  • Run on board applications.


Download a printable version of all features.


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