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Yacht Communication Options

  • Dockside: 802.11B WiFi compliant with site survey and on board private wireless network.
  • Underway or at anchor: Cellular Data Broadband (AT&T, Verizon, Telus) service, the first true mobile network at near broadband speeds.
  • Underway or at anchor: Inmarsat stationary satellites providing broadband speed world wide. Both KVH F55 and F77 Satellite Communication systems are supported.
  • Underway or at anchor: Orbcomm low orbit moving satellites with near real time response. The Skymate communicator is supported. (Text email only)
  • WiFi and Cellular data systems may be installed together with a single switch activation feature. (Requires a WiFi and Cellular Data account and a router for each technology)
  • Any combination of the above communications options may be installed.
  • See the Yacht Connectivity section for a comparison of communications technologies.

Management of Satellite Outbound Data communication Expenses

  • Limit the amount of data transmitted and the time interval between data transmissions.
  • Manage alert reporting volumes.
  • Automatic detection of the availability of broadband vs. satellite connections, automatic selection of the most cost effective service for alerts and data transmissions.

Communication Link Performance (on secure website)

  • Tracks the connectivity from the yacht to the EyeOnBoard server.
  • Allows owner to view recent yacht check-ins, recent missed check-ins, and recent connections changes.
  • Provides the owner with yacht check-in performance rating and network up time performance.


Download a printable version of all features.


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