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On Board Application Software

  • Application software installed on one or more on board computers.
  • Local control of on board security cameras.
  • Configuration of on board security system parameters, including security arm/disarm functions.
  • NMEA data, sensor data, and security data transfers can be limited to prevent unnecessary traffic and the potential expense.
  • Vessel Layout and Vessel Network web pages are available locally.

Management of Satellite Outbound Data communication Expenses

  • Limit the amount of data transmitted and the time interval between data transmissions.
  • Manage alert reporting volumes.
  • Automatic detection of the availability of broadband vs. satellite connections, automatic selection of the most cost effective service for alerts and data transmissions.

Vessel Network

  • List of all network peripherals with clickable links to associated on board equipment.
  • View and position on board security cameras.
  • Manage environmental monitoring security sensors, network storage, and print servers.
  • Manage network router and wireless communications equipment.

Vessel Layout

  • Overlays on board security sensors and other monitored equipment over a vessel layout image.
  • Displays all connected NMEA devices. This typically includes: Wind speed, yacht location, depth sounder, air temperature, and house battery status.
  • Clicking on any sensor will display a new window with additional sensor information.
  • Each deck shows only the security sensors installed on the respective deck.
  • Available on the EyeOnBoard web site and on board while docked or underway.


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