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EyeOnBoard offers a set of standard packages designed to suit a variety of yacht monitoring requirements. Each package provides a set of security components, including cameras, bilge sensors, shore power sensors, smoke detectors and/or door and hatch sensors. Since each yacht is unique and specific monitoring requirements can also be unique, we can easily customise a security package to meet your specific security and monitoring requirements.

Each package also provides at least one method of connecting your yacht to the Internet. Since a connection to your yacht is a key ingredient for successful monitoring, it is important to make the appropriate selection of technologies to suit your monitoring needs and budget. Review the Vessel Connectivity section for further information on connectivity options.

To compare the various packages at a glance, visit the Package Comparison page. Review the Features section for further information on the EyeOnBoard monitoring service.

  EyeOnBoard Service Plans

EyeOnBoard provides two yacht monitoring service plans:

EyeWatch: where EyeOnBoard provides the first response to alerts received from your yacht, in accordance with an escalation plan defined in conjunction with the owner and/or operator.

YouWatch: where the owner or operator of the yacht is responsible for monitoring and responding to alerts generated by your yacht.

You should select the plan that best suits your requirements based on your level of direct involvement with your yacht. For hands-on owners with a good working knowledge of computers and networks, YouWatch is an economical choice. For owners who need to rely on a service to provide monitoring and first response, EyeWatch is the right choice.


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